Real Organic Music In The Flow, as a musical performance style, relies on proven tunes naturally fertilized with great chops, sweet instruments, and occasional tending without losing the tastes and tangs of discovery in the moment.

Each member brings a lifetime musical commitment to the stage knowing that the energetic success of the event is contingent on all three partners: the band and the audience pooling their love of the music and of each other to become another entity - some call the spirit.

This tradition of community has been around since the beginning of time. BJS & BSUP pick it up with field songs and spirituals of the Old South; ride with it during its transformation into the sophisticated Vintage Cafe Society Blues style of the 30's, 40's and 50's; and finally offer original juicy pieces taken from life slices along the way.

Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, BJS & BSUP appear at various festivals, concerts, corporate and non-profit special events around the country. They are particularly adept at creating theme driven shows highlighting the purpose of each event with playbills, posters, workshops, and presentations.


Josh White
 Josh White was by far my biggest inspiration and  influence and hopefully he shows up in the music  we make today. Rarely does one see redemption  up close and personal, but this video made by the  History Detectives at PBS comes as close as we're  going to get in remembering and rediscovering the  matchless and incomparable late and great Josh  White.  
                       Watch the video

 Today we are blessed to have Josh White, Jr. still  performing in his father's style as well as his own  powerful and totally unique body of work.  BJS

Josh White, Jr.